About us

After our first successful Kickstarter Campaign with 200+ backers launching the Pixel Wallet in 2019, we are pleased to offer our sustainable wallet on our online store and start designing new sustainable products.

Designing everyday objects to enrich people’s lives is what we are focused on at Maze Design. We design products that put the user first and help promote sustainability, community engagement and local production. Co-Founders Katherine and Simon believe in designing beautiful minimalist products in respect with our planet and with tomorrow in mind.


Our commitment

Sustainably sourced

We are committed to offer a truly sustainable shopping experience and that is why your order is shipped in a 100% recyclable packaging. We work with Cloverly to estimate the carbon footprint of each order and offset it. We'll show you exactly what offset is being purchased, where the offset is coming from, and the amount of carbon being offset. We also locally-sourced our materials to lower our production carbon footprint (Canadian plastic, titanium and leather, and American wood).

Social integration

We work with partners that support women in need, mainly immigrants, single mothers, and those receiving social assistance or without income, to break out of social isolation, to learn a trade and to integrate the workforce, in order to live in dignity. Petites Mains (meaning small hands in French) is our main textile manufacturer located in Montreal offering a professional training program and hands-on work experience.

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